Our Approach

We’re here to help you navigate through the process of research commercialization.

Our partnering philosophy is to provide i) access to innovative proprietary technologies that address unmet medical needs and ii) experienced and efficient OTT staff who will make partnering and/or licensing a success for your company. Morehouse School of Medicine will also help you periodically assess the compliance, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP).

For Inventors

  1. Disclosure:  Inventor/author completes and submits MSM-Intellectual Property Disclosure form to the OTT office. 
  2. Evaluation: Intellectual Property (IP) Disclosure form is reviewed by the MSM Intellectual Property & Finance Committee.
  3. IP Application: After approval by IP Committees, OTT submits information for patent, trademark or copyright protection.
  4. IP Release: If approval is not granted, then IP is released to the inventor/ author.
  5. Marketing and License Negotiation: marketing and licensing strategies will be developed and executed by OTT and inventor(s)/authors(s).

For Industry

  1. Determine Licensee’s Objective(s) and Goal(s)
  2. Communicate MSM’s Objective(s) and Goal(s)
  3. Develop partnering plan