Danforth Dialogues with Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice

Danforth Dialogues is a leadership series focused on a range of topics connecting our community to experiences during the pandemic and then taking those experiences and relating them to a broader set of leadership lessons. Podcast episodes are provided below for your enjoyment. 

Episode 03: Leadership Beyond The Pandemic: Challenges And Opportunities

In today's episode, Dr. Montgomery Rice sits down with her fellow Atlanta University Presidents as they share intimate details about some of the hardest decisions they had to make during the pandemic - Challenges like the mental health crisis they still face on the road ahead, how they came together as a close knit community of leaders amid these challenges, and they are continuing to persevere to move the needle historically black colleagues and university systems and the stakeholder communities they serve. We hope you enjoy this inspiring episode of Danforth Dialogues.

Episode 02: The Historic $10 Billion Investment to Advance Racial Equity at Goldman Sachs

In this episode, Valerie Montgomery Rice, MD, FACOG sits down with David Solomon, Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs to unpack the stories and overarching purpose behind their $10 billion direct investment initiative called One Million Black Women.

Episode 01: In the Midst of Crisis

Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, President and CEO of Morehouse School of Medicine and Dr. Michelle Nichols, Medical Director - MSM/MHC COVID-19 Vaccination Program, discuss the early return. 
FUN FACT: Dr. Montgomery Rice has a personal tie to Danforth Chapel having her daughter, Jayne, christened there 27 years ago by former Morehouse College President Robert Franklin Jr.

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