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Office of Educational Outcomes, Assessment, and Accreditation 
Morehouse School of Medicine
720 Westview Drive SW
Atlanta, GA 30310
NCPC 226

Phone: 404-752-1856

Dr. Mark Howse

Dr. Mark Howse

Associate VP for Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment, and Accreditation

Dr. Brandi Newkirk

Dr. Brandi Newkirk

Assistant VP for Assessment and Accreditation


Ms. Aaliyah Boler

Aaliyah Boler 

Administrative Assistant III


Mr. James Ofori, MPA

 James Ofori, MPA

Assistant Director of Assessment and Learner Engagement

Ms. Constance Garnes, MA

Constance Garnes, MA

Program Manager of Education and Community Engagement

Ms. Beatrice Porter, MPH, MPA

Beatrice Porter, MPH, MPA

Program Manager of Clinical and Research

Ms. Desiree Love Ms. Eve Akello, M.ED Ms. Dawn Felton, MHA

Desiree Love

Student Data and Reporting Analyst

Eve Akello, M.ED

Education Data Analyst

 Dawn Felton, MHA

UME Data Specialist