Rerouting the Pipeline: From Prison to Possibilities for Black Males

Rerouting the Pipeline: From Prison to Possibilities for Black Males 

Hundreds of thousands of African-American men are missing — from families, communities, workplaces, data, voting, and society — because they are incarcerated. Though much has been said about the issue, little has been accomplished to address it. But we’ve set out to change that.

Black men make up 40% of the incarcerated population but only 13% of U.S. residents. Learn more about factors contributing to these incarceration rates.

A sad man against a black album contrasted with the same man, happy against white

Our Aim

To prevent re-entry of black males (14 to 24 years) back into the prison system, we’re working to guide them into lives of opportunity instead.  

Our Approach

With the creation of a nationwide network of specially trained Life Coaches, we can assist black males (14 to 24 years) upon release, with tailored guidance so they can effectively navigate a critical ecosystem of services.

Ecosystem of Services

Learn more about our Prison to Possibilities Program

Building on Our Strengths

Critically missing from the larger dialogue and advocacy are leading institutions like MSM, intimately linked to those at risk. We have been successful in addressing parts of the larger problem and are therefore uniquely positioned to address the larger epidemic. 

Increasing the number of black males graduating high school

Increasing the number of black males entering the competitive healthcare workforce

Increasing the number of key stakeholder partnerships across educational, economic, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations around the globe