Prison to Possibilities Program

Who is eligible to participate?

A sad man against a black album contrasted with the same man, happy against white

With this new program, individuals with nonviolent convictions who are within one year of release, on parole, or under court-mandated diversion will be eligible for academic and behavioral assessment and potential enrollment. We project that at least 70 percent of those scanned will be eligible for program services.

What services will be provided?

These men will be offered life coaching, primary healthcare, and tutoring. Each enrollee will be assigned a care-management team to assist with housing, legal services, documentation, a driver’s license, and other logistical hurdles.

What outcomes are expected?

The program will enable participants to exit the revolving door of recidivism. We will monitor and manage the program, collecting data to determine its impact on individual and household income, high school completion rates, divorce rates, and other measures of community stability.

What impact is anticipated?

A sustained, comprehensive, culturally competent set of services and programs will allow incarcerated and released black men aged 14 to 24 in America to return to productive, healthy lives and become positive members of their families and communities.