The MSCR Program offers a Practical Skill Workshop Series during the summer prior the first year. This series is designed to help trainees begin work on their mentored projects. The program covers a variety of topics targeted at orienting the student to the next level of clinical research.

Course DescriptionCourse Description

Courses in the MSCR Program cover the topics of medical informatics, principles of clinical research, ethics, biostatics, data analysis, scientific writing, proposal development, epidemiology, laboratories, community engagement and require a mentored research project.

Grading SystemGrading System

Cumulative grade point averages will be calculated each semester by multiplying the points earned by the course credit hours, dividing this product to compute the GPA by the total number of semester hours carried. The minimum standard for graduate work leading to the MS degree is a B average or 3.0 GPA.

Course Instructors

The MSCR Program features extremely talented faculty members in all areas of course instruction.

Mentored Research Project

Each MSCR Program fellow will receive a lead and co-mentor to direct them in the context of a career path.

Fall & Spring Schedule

Here you will find the MSCR Program’s summer program and fall and spring semester course schedules.

Clinical Research Center

The CRC provides comprehensive support for clinical investigation
with its various core resources and facilities.