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Health Careers Opportunity Program Academy

The Health Careers Opportunity Program Academy embodies the Morehouse School of Medicine mission of leading the advancement of health equity by preparing and equipping our future health leaders and learners for careers in the medical and health professions. HCOP Academy’s focus is to recruit economically and educationally disadvantaged high school and college students who are interested in a healthcare/medical career and provide instruction, mentoring, tutoring and other educational experiences to:

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  • Enhance academic achievement in terms of course grades, timely academic progression, standardized test scores, admission to next educational level (as applicable).
  • Expand skills in critical thinking and analysis, research, data collection, and analysis, critical reading and writing, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Enhance interest and achievement toward a healthcare/biomedical science career.

The academy offers two levels for participation.

  • High School Ambassadors Program

    High school ambassadors come from our partners Booker T. Washington and South Atlanta high schools, where we recruit economically disadvantaged students with an interest in college or a health career. Factors considered for participation include academic potential (as assessed by instructors), prior grades and examination performance, and includes a structured interview with HCOP Academy staff. Each year 12 to 13 junior-year students are recruited from each partner school for a total of 25 ambassadors. Throughout their HCOP Academy participation, ambassadors are exposed to career explorations in health sciences curriculum, mentoring and shadowing, tutorial support, SAT/ACT test preparation, lunch and learns, and community involvement to achieve health equity.

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    Students also participate in a six-week summer research session (June 1 - July 10, 2020), which includes a grant-supported $2,000 stipend, to explore topics such as:

    • Anatomy/health science
    • Critical thinking and writing
    • Case study analysis
    • Social and life skills
    • Community engagement with collaborative research
    • Professional development courses
    • Career spotlights from healthcare professionals

    Interdisciplinary Approaches to Health Equity is an interactive curriculum designed to help participants gain an in-depth understanding on careers that promote health equity in the fields of health, medicine and scientific research. After completing the curriculum, students will have more insight on diverse careers in health and science, understand how the various fields contribute to the health outcomes of individuals and populations, sustain their interest in health- and science-related careers, and help them to make an informed decision about the career pathways in health.

    This course is delivered during school hours as established by the partner school contact/teacher and HCOP assistant director. HCOP students are required to attend and will be notified of the class schedule.

    Program Requirements:

    Classification: Rising Junior
    GPA Minimum: 2.85
    Interest: Health Career
    Interview: Required

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  • College Ambassadors Program

    Students with an interest in health careers and entering their third year of study are recruited from Atlanta-area University System of Georgia institutions. Disadvantaged students are selected for participation based on academic potential (as assessed by instructors), prior grades, examination performance, and a structured interview. A minimum of 15 students are selected to take part annually. Students may continue in the program as long as they continue to engage in its various elements. In addition to supplemental courses, workshops, tutoring and mentoring sessions, there will be opportunities for clinical experiences in underserved communities with MSM faculty.

    Students also participate in a six-week summer research session (June 1 - July 10, 2020), which includes a grant-supported $3,000 stipend, to explore topics such as:

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    • Biostatistics
    • Foundations of Biological and Chemical Sciences
    • Critical Writing/thinking skills
    • Context and analysis of health/health equity research
    • Mentored project in health equity
    • Data analysis and quantitative reasoning
    • Visual and oral presentation skills
    • Career awareness and experiences
    • Study and exam-taking skills

    Learning communities will be led by MSM faculty and/or medical/graduate students. Sessions provide students the opportunity to discuss current and relevant issues/topics with peers regarding college progression, health outcomes, and professional development skills.

    Program Requirements:

    Classification: Rising Junior
    GPA Minimum: 3.0
    Application DeadlineJanuary 13, 2020.
    Interest: Health Career
    Interview: Required

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  • Graduate Ambassadors Program

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    HCOP Academy recruits African American male students from the MSMS program into its Graduate Ambassador Program. All students must have an interest in pursuing a medical doctorate. Students will receive a $3,500 scholarship and financial support toward tutoring services and/or MCAT preparation.

  • Medical Ambassadors Program

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    The Summer Scholars in the Community (SSiC) HCOP Academy Medical Ambassador program provides a unique opportunity for students to work directly with the MSM departments of Community Health, Family Medicine and Medical Education in furthering their understanding and expertise in working with communities. Students participate in weekly didactic and experiential activities addressing community health skills, social determinants of health and health equity. They also participate in weekly scheduled activities to learn about community needs.



Health Resources and Services Administration

The HCOP Academy at Morehouse School of Medicine is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.