New Book Authored by MSM Experts Provides Lessons Learned for Community Engagement

Morehouse Model Book CoverThe Morehouse Model: How One School of Medicine Revolutionized Community Engagement and Health Equity

Among the 154 medical schools in the United States, Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) stands out for its formidable success in improving its surrounding communities. Over its history, Morehouse has become known as an institution committed to community engagement with an interest in closing the health equity gap between people of color and the white majority population.

How can the example of Morehouse School of Medicine help other health-oriented universities create ideal collaborations between faculty and community-based organizations? That was the question that drove well-respected MSM leaders to publish The Morehouse Model. through Johns Hopkins University Press.

Rooted in social action and social justice constructs, the book is a touchstone for anyone conducting community-based participatory research, as well as any institution that wants to have a positive effect on its local community,” says Ronald Braithwaite, Professor, Community Health and Preventive Medicine at MSM.

In The Morehouse Model, Ronald L. Braithwaite and coauthors Tabia Henry Akintobi, PhD, MPH, Mary Langley, PhD, MPH and the late Daniel S. Blumenthal, reveal the lessons learned over the decades since the school's founding―lessons that other medical schools and health systems will be eager to learn in the hope of replicating Morehouse's success.

Ronald L. Braithwaite

Ronald L. Braithwaite, PhD

Tabia Henry Akintobi

Tabia Henry Akintobi, PhD, MPH

Mary Langley, PhD, MPH

Mary Langley, PhD, MPH

Daniel S. Blumenthal

Daniel S. Blumenthal, MD, MPH

“To establish ongoing collaborative projects requires genuineness, transparency, and trust from everyone involved,” said Tabia Akintoibi, Professor, Community Health and Preventive Medicine, Associate Dean, Community Engagement, and Director, Prevention Research Center at MSM. “Citizen participation is a critical element for facilitating behavioral change.”

The Morehouse Model is available in Barnes and Noble and Amazon bookstores.