Biomedical Technology Service Laboratory

The Biomedical Technology Service Laboratory (BTSL) is divided into seven labs housing multiuse equipment and a monoclonal/polyclonal antibody production lab. Housed within seven laboratories, located throughout the Westview campus, are small and large multiuse equipment such as plate readers, ultracentrifuges, spectrophotometers.

Group and one-on-one instruction in the use of this instrumentation is offered by core personnel. Also offered within these labs are general reagents such as dry ice and liquid nitrogen, ultra freezer space, and support for technique/protocol development. Also housed within the BTSL is amonoclonal and polyclonal antibody production lab. Examples of antibodies made by this lab include but are not limited to: antibodies against conjugated synthetic peptides, chemokines, cytokines, cellular antigens, viral proteins, protein bands excised from PAGE gels.

Flow Cytometry, FACS, and magnetic-bead cell-sorting lab houses a BD FACS Aria II and Miltenyi Biotec autoMACS Pro Seperator. Certfied BD- and Miltenyi-trained staff are available for consultation, acquiring data, or sorting cells.

For more information and service charges, contact:

Dr. Natasha C. Browner
BTSL & Flow Cytometry Core Leader
(404) 756-6707