Microvesicle Lab

The Microvesicle Lab offers technical expertise in isolation and purification of microvesicles, and in their analysis. Technical expertise has been formulated through ongoing research in the MSM HIV Nef Pathogenesis group. Expertise has been developed in microvesicle isolation and analysis. Further, this group has developed technology that allows targeted loading of proteins into micro-vesicles. Microparticles are a very hot current topic, and this biotechnology has cross research focus area potential for both research and therapeutic uses in AIDS/ID, Cancer/Reproduction, Cardiovascular/Metabolic, and Neuroscience. This research area at MSM was originally funded through the HIV group, but quickly was turned into a collaborative, transdisciplinary funded research project through the RCMI T1 ARRA Project which brought together diverse researchers from AIDS/ID, Cancer, Cardiovascular/Metabolic focus areas together into a interacting group. 

Service Charges

Consultation cost is $25/hr
Costing breakout for detailed vesicle isolation - contact lab director to discuss plan and then develop a quote.
Nanosight analysis - contact lab director to discuss plan and then develop a quote.


Dr. Ming Bo Huang  
Microvesicle Core Leader
(404) 752-1861