NCPC Divisions

NCPC currently carries out its mission through three distinct divisions and several strategic initiatives. Together, the divisions and initiatives advance health equity by identifying gaps in our nation’s primary care infrastructure and addressing those gaps through educational programming, policy advisory, technical assistance, resource dissemination, and community engagement. NCPC targets its resources to healthcare systems, healthcare providers, and community-based organizations.

Health Policy and Research Division

The Health Policy and Research Division serves two key functions. The Division evaluates and informs policies that advance health equity by ensuring a strong primary care system. It also conducts community-relevant research that measures the impact of the primary care system, aiming to improve health and health equity through innovative analytic approaches and practice-based research. The Health Policy and Research Division evaluates work both within NCPC and across the nation.

Health Information Technology Division

The Health Information Technology Division has a primary goal of assisting underserved and at-risk communities in adopting innovations in technology and clinical practice that are the right fit for providing healthcare and improving health outcomes. This not only includes technical support, but also the academia associated with the building blocks for the proper exchange of health information and interoperability of technology systems that support the priorities of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

Substance Use, Prevention and Treatment Division

The Substance Use, Prevention and Treatment Division leverages longstanding alliances across the Southeastern United States to identify, support, and implement best substance use treatment practices and increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills of practitioners and pre-service professionals in local communities.

NCPC Division Accomplishments:

  • The Health Policy and Research Division was awarded two multi-million dollar awards from the national Office of Minority Health within Health and Human Services. Both awards advance health equity through policy.
  • The Health Information Technology Division created HIBRIDGE Solutions to deliver health-specific technical assistance and expanded its statewide health information exchange platform for a more robust solution.
  • The Substance Use, Prevention and Treatment Division was awarded a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and recently founded the African American Behavioral Health Center.

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