NCPC Divisions

The NCPC has four divisions that work synergistically to manifest the vision of our center:

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Substance Use, Prevention and Treatment Division 
The Substance Use, Prevention and Treatment Division leverages longstanding alliances across the Southeastern United States to identify, support, and implement best substance use treatment practices and increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills of practitioners and pre-service professionals in local communities.

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Health Information Technology Division 
With a focus on small, rural practices and those serving underserved communities, our Health Information Technology Division provides expertise to assist practices and hospitals improve care quality for patients by maximizing overall productivity through technology and process improvement.

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Research Division
The Research Division uses a health equity lens to conduct evidence-based research that integrates community-based research and innovative analytic methodologies with claims data to measure the impact of the primary care system on patient outcomes.

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Health Policy Division
The Health Policy Division informs policy and addresses health equity policy gaps through the analysis of current and proposed legislation, policy research, and broad dissemination of information to advance health equity.