Research Division

The overall goal of the research division is to conduct community relevant research that measures the impact of the primary care system and improves health and health equity through innovative analytic approaches and practice-based research.    

Our specific research priorities include:  

  • Measuring the functions and impact of the primary care system on health and health equity and translate and test these measures in real world settings.
  • Understanding complex drivers of spatial, temporal, and subpopulation variation in health outcomes and processes that impact health inequity and support resilience.
  • Developing measures that accurately reflect the health of populations and the primary care system.
  • Mentoring 

Our division accomplishes our goal through two main mechanisms:

Research Division Presentations:

2020 NAPCRG Distinguished Paper: The Impact of Historic Concentrations of Enslaved Persons in US Counties on Current Day Mortality Rates: A Place-Based Measure of Structural Racism

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