Pilot Study Research Awards


Community relevant solutions to health disparities will require cultivating and training diverse research teams with the nuanced and culturally sophisticated perspective necessary to interpret issues of race, health and poverty as they filter through biomedical and psychological factors to result in health outcome disparities.


While three full-scale research projects are currently being funded, CEHD provides an opportunity to fund additional faculty to conduct small scale developmental research projects. When building a case for more rigorous hypothesis testing and powered designs, pilot research is often a precursor and requirement for more advanced studies. This pilot study funding opportunity is intended to be useful for faculty interested in branching into other research areas or conducting research in compelling health disparities areas. The pilot research program is designed for new as well as established investigators.


This non-renewable award opportunity provides funding for a project period up to 12 months, with $25,000 in direct cost (personnel and non personnel costs). The CEHD will made four awards during 2013.