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Men's Preventive Care: Take Charge of Your Health

The era of men leaving their well-being in the hands of spouses, partners, and/or loved ones is officially over. No longer is it anyone else’s responsibility to look after your health. Guys, today your health is on you. Read More

National Public Health Week 2019: Discover MSM's eMPH Program

To help celebrate National Public Health Week April 1-7, why not take a closer look at the eMPH and the entire Graduate Education in Public Health program? Read More

Match Day Reflections

Morehouse School of Medicine's Match Day 2019 memories written by Landon Irvin. Read More

Keeping Allergies & Asthma Under Control

Seasonal allergies and asthma are two chronic, often-linked conditions that affect millions of lives in Georgia and across the U.S. While there is no cure for either, there are steps you can take to avoid triggers as well as reduce the aggravation of symptoms. Read More

Atlanta's Role in the Fight for Mental Health in the African-American Community

Though a seemingly overwhelming task at times, the issue of our community’s undertreated mental health problems can be served through its budding resources. Read More

Managing Your Weight the Healthy Way

The best way to take control of your weight is to shift your lifestyle habits to center on sound nutrition and sensible practices. Focus on your overall health and not exclusively on weight loss. You may be able to prevent or reverse heart disease. Read More