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Number of Drugs Suggested in Search for COVID-19 Cure Cause for Concern

Mohamed A. Bayorh, PhD, shares a personal opinion about COVID-19 and some of the challenges associated with the treatment needed to save lives. Read More

Sickle Cell Education and Research in Ghana

MSM medical student Samed Obeng shares his reflection on summer medical education abroad. Read More

Biotechnology: Transforming Life as We Know It

New discoveries in biotechnology are transforming life as we know it. That’s why it is no surprise our Masters of Science in Biotechnology students have internships at federal agencies, start-up incubators, and other top research institutions. Read More

The Effects of Blue LED Light on Sleep Patterns

Exposure to blue light is becoming increasingly prominent in our society, and a large segment of the world population is now subjected to daily exposure of artificial blue light. Read More

Diversity in Clinical Trials: Preparing Physicians to Make a Difference

The U.S. has become increasingly diverse, yet that diversity is not reflected in the clinical trials that play a key role in which new medicines are approved and, ultimately, prescribed to the general public. Read More

MSM's Global Health Initiative

Each year, Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) continues to make strides to tackle global health issues around the world. Read More

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