Summer Bridge(s) Graduate Pipeline Programs

Bridges to Biotechnology & Bioentrepreneurship

Bridge to Health Informatics

The Office of Online Education and Expanded Program offers a 5-week summer program that is built to expose motivated college students and post baccalaureate students to the health informatics field and biotechnology industry. We offer two summer pipeline programs with virtual learning formats and synchronous meetings. Participants who successfully complete this 5-week summer program are guaranteed admission into the 14-month online Master of Science in the Health Informatics or the 1-year online Master of Science in Biotechnology program along with a scholarship.

The biotechnology field intersects biology and technology and continues to lead new product development and commercialization designed to enrich lives. From drug development to the production of biologics, from plant and animal science to medical devices-biotechnology is everywhere. Learn more about the Bridges to Biotechnology and Bioentrepreneurship.

Health Informatics is very important in today’s healthcare industry. It combines the field of information technology, science, and medicine while improving patient outcome. Learn more about the Bridge to Health Informatics.


Nia Kennedy