Educational Conferences

Academic Half Day / Noon Conference

Academic Half Day started July 2018. As an alternative to noon conferences presented by busy residents on inpatient ward services with limited faculty input, the Academic Half Day is designed to be a concentrated block of protected academic time that occurs each Wednesday from 8:30 am to 11:50 am at Grady Memorial Hospital in room 2B038. Noon Conference is also held every Wednesday from noon to 12:55 pm in the same room following Academic Half Day, except Wednesday's, when Grand Rounds is held at noon. The conference topics cover all medical subspecialties and general internal medicine. Generally, the talks are presented by an MSM faculty member or guest lecturer. Each senior resident presents a “Senior Talk”.

Boot Camp/Core Conferences

During July and August of each academic year, the Internal Medicine Core Curriculum and Boot Camp are presented each day by faculty from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm at Grady Memorial Hospital in room 2B038. When there are separate Boot Camps for the interns and residents, intern Boot camp is held in the 2nd floor surgery conference room.

Board Review

  • Longitudinal Board Review for PGY3 Residents which include 3 mock exams in simulated test conditions
  • Board Review Electives for PGY3 Residents which involves 1 on 1 Monthly subject interaction with faculty for2 weeks till 1 month.
  • Weekly Evening Board Review for all residents


  • Monthly subject quizes with review by faculty member


Medicine Grand Rounds

Medicine Grand Rounds is held 3-4 Wednesdays per month from noon to 1:00 pm in the Piedmont Hall Auditorium or Grady Trauma Auditorium. The presentation is given by an MSM faculty member or guest speaker. CME is offered for all faculty and lunch is generally provided.

Medical Ethics

On the first Thursday of each month at noon, Grady Ethics Grand Rounds is held either in the Grady Trauma Auditorium or the FOB building. IM residents are required to attend as long as there is no conflict with an MSM IM conference. This is a combined lecture to include both Emory and Morehouse residents, along with Grady Administration.

Journal Club

Journal Club is convened 9-10 times per academic year to review the content of an assigned journal article relevant to the practice of internal medicine. Residents are taught how to critically appraise and evaluate medical literature. The Journal Club is organized by an assigned faculty member.

PS/QI conference (formerly M and M)

This conference is designed to analyze and review in some detail, the clinical features and process issues of a complex clinical illness where correlation with the clinical laboratory, radiology, and clinical pathology disciplines are included. All inpatient deaths are to be reported weekly to the chief medical resident.


The twin foundational pillars of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement inform everything the Morehouse School of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency Program does. We work collaboratively with our hospital partners to develop processes to ensure patient safety and promote continuous quality improvement.

PS/QI goals and objectives are:

  • To prepare physicians to be stewards of safe, high quality, high value, patient centered care.
  • To teach key principles of quality improvement and patient safety to all residents in the training program.
  • To develop a culture of safety and quality that trainees will carry with them throughout their career.


  • Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Conference (formerly Morbidity and Mortality conference):
    • This conference occurs 10 months/year. It is facilitated by a faculty member or chief resident. A resident will present a case, generally from the inpatient ward or ICU service then leads the group in discussion if the care was "safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable." The conference attendees also discuss system issues that can be addressed to improve the quality of care and enhance patient safety. PS/QI conferences occur at Grady and VA hospitals.
  • Quarterly PS/QI Grand Rounds-Co sponsored by GME:
    • This conference looks at many aspects of patient safety and quality improvement and focus on creating "a culture of safety." Residents, faculty, other health care professionals and hospital administration attend.
  • IHI Open School Patient Safety and Quality modules:
    • The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that helps lead the improvement of health care throughout the world. IHI works to accelerate improvement by building the will for change, cultivating promising concepts for improving patient care, and helping health care systems put those ideas into action.
    • All Interns/Residents are required to complete assigned IHI modules twice each year and must complete them in order to be promoted to the next level of training.
  • Diabetes Management Feedback Program (DMFP) at Grady Health System:
    • The DMFP supports diabetes-related performance feedback in the Grady Primary Care Clinics. Throughout the course of the year all MSM IM residents will receive regular feedback on their panel of diabetic patients with the aim of standardizing and improving care.
  • Hospital-wide Initiatives and Conferences/Physician Meetings
    • Residents and faculty members are integrated into numerous hospital-wide PS/QI Initiatives and educated at least once each year on the hospital's patient safety goals.
  • Intern Orientation
    • Introduction to PS/QI principles (GME and program-specific sessions)
    • "Hand-off" workshop

Residents and faculty members are encouraged to be actively involved in hospital and MSM committees that focus on patient safety and quality improvement. Faculty and administrative support are provided for residents who seek to study or implement PS/QI initiatives.