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Learning Community Goals & Outcomes

Goal 1: To Enhance the Student Learning Enivronment through the Establishment of Learning Communities

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  1. Establish four learning communities for the MD program (longitudinal across all four classes)
  2. Establish learning communities in GEPH, GEBS, and GEPAS divisions.


  • Participating in Learning Communities aided in fostering a sense of community among MSM students.
  • Participating in Learning Communities helped improve peer to peer relationships.
  • Participating in Learning Communities encoraged relationship development between facultymentors and students.
  • Participating in Learning Communities helped students improve their communication and leadership skills. 

Topics Covered

  • Transition into medical or graduate school
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Understanding exam evaluation
  • Study Skills & time management
  • Managing stress and preventing burn out
  • Thesis preparation
  • Professionalism
  • Careers in medicine, biomedical sciences, and public health
  • Communication & leadership skills
  • Lifelong learning skills
  • Conflict management skills
  • Ethics

Goal 2: Training Faculty Mentors

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  1. Assure the success of mentoring programs through appropriate ongoing faculty development and support ongoing workshops to enhance skills of faculty mentors.

LC Workshop Topics

  • Elements of Mentoring
  • Working with Small Groups
  • Teaching Critical Thinking Skills
  • Mentee Assessment
  • Communication Skills and Assessment