QEPQEP Overview

MSM has a short but rich history of producing medical doctors and other health professionals to provide health care and health-related services to America’s poor and underserved.  Our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) project titled, “Mentoring at Morehouse” was started in the fall of 2011.

The QEP project was developed strategically to align with initiatives to expand the institution’s educational programs and sustain the highest standards of teaching, excellence, and professional competence.  All campus stakeholders, including faculty, administration, staff and students, were involved in developing the QEP in a deliberate and comprehensive process through committees, forums, focus groups and surveys. A combination of growth in student enrollment and new degree/honors programs required a formal reassessment and restructuring of current approaches to mentoring, so as to revitalize and develop new strategies. By strengthening mentorship of students and faculty in all programs, MSM will build on past successes, creating a vibrant infrastructure for planned growth. Learning goals were developed to advance our vision to connect, expand, and enhance the mentoring of MSM students to sustain excellence as programs expand.

Our goals can be characterized as:

  1. Assure the success of mentoring programs through ongoing faculty training.
  2. Enhance student development as professionals through the establishment of learning communities.