Administrative Core

Provides fiscal management, collaborations and regulatory assistance.

Bionutrition Core

Nutritional requirements of research protocols are facilitated by this core.

Vaccine Trials, Pediatric Clinical and Translational Research Unit

Vaccine Trials Unit Mission:

Addressing health inequities through safe and effective vaccine development/trials with a focus on emerging infections, HIV, and other vaccine preventable conditions.

Pediatric Clinical & Translational Research Unit Mission:

Leading innovative clinical and translational research to improve the health and well-being of all children, with emphasis on minority and medically underserved children in Georgia, US, and worldwide.

Human Physiology (Cardiovascular Ultrasound & Hemodynamic) Core Laboratoty

The purpose of the human performance/physiology lab and its translational research core services in supporting the school's mission is to provide the technical and analytical support for various clinical research projects in which the modalities of cardiovascular ultrasound imaging/hemodynamic and cardiometabolic functions are employed in humans.

Clinical Trials Office

The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) provides a central and comprehensive program of financial, legal, and administrative support to the research community at Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM).

We aim to build an effective and efficient infrastructure to support investigators in developing, implementing, and reporting on all clinical research studies conducted at MSM.








Analytical Core

The primary focus  is to provide reliable and comprehensive analytical services.

Research Design & Biostatistics (RDB) Core

The Research Design and Biostatistics (RDB) Core, a core component of the RCMI Infrastructure for Clinical and Translational Research and an integral component of the Clinical Research Center (CRC), serves as a shared MSM resource in support of internal and external clinical research collaborations. Biostatistics, study design and, and secured data management are indispensable components of clinical and translational research. These core activities assure scientific merit and quality of research and are critically important to the overall productivity of any research enterprise.

Biomedical Informatics Unit (BIU)

The Biomedical Informatics Unit (BIU) of the Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) focuses on integration of MSM and affiliated health information systems -- electronic medical and personal health records, patient databases, and other research databases (basic, translational, clinical and population-based) -- into an interoperable repository.

Regulatory Core

The Regulatory Core works in partnership with study team members to successfully navigate the clinical research regulatory landscape throughout the lifecycle of a study. The primary goal of the core is to ensure the safety of research subjects participating in studies conducted at MSM.

Research Engagement

The Engagement Core Services offered by the Clinical Research Center aim to support clinical research programs and studies. They provide access to the Mobile Fleet for health screenings and enrollment in remote areas. Additionally, they offer engagement planning, training, SMS and Email Marketing automation, and reporting support to help research teams succeed in their projects.

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Grant Opportunities

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