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Honors in Community Service

Honors in Community Health and Service promotes civic engagement by selecting rising first year medical students in high academic standing based on an interest in community service, faculty recommendations and academic performance. 

Selected students perform a specified number of community service hours each year, identify a service project relating to their professional interest, develop personal and community learning objectives, identify a faculty advisor and a community site to conduct their community service project and develop and present their scholarly project before faculty and peers. 

Honors track students are recognized on Class Day and receive honors recognition at graduation. 

Class of 2013

Erica Shantha
Project Title: “Know Stroke: Know the Signs. Act in Time.”

Class of 2012

Lauren Payne
Project Title: “Take Control of Your Health and Your Future: An Elementary and Middle School Intervention to Combat Adolescent Obesity in Atlanta, GA.”

Class of 2011

Jessica G. Shantha
Project Title:
“HIV/AIDS Awareness Intervention for High School Students”

Zahidee "Saidie" Rodriguez
Project Title:
“Heart to Heart: A Teen Pregnancy, STD and HIV Prevention Program”

Class of 2009

Faresa Zareen
Project Title:
“Co-occurrence of Depression and Addiction: An Analysis of Prevalence and Strategies to Target Such Populations”.

Alison Han
Project Title:
“Improving Influenza Vaccination Rates at a Grady Neighborhood Health Center (East Point)”

Stacey Michelle Cobb
Project Title:
“An after-school program based nutrition and physical activity intervention in a Latino community”

Class of 2010

Snehal Patel
Project Title:
“Life Skills Based Intervention for the Prevention of Youth Violence in an After-School Setting: A Pilot Study”

Class of 2008

Amanda Nasseh
Project Title:
“Effectiveness of a Coping Skills Workshop in Diminishing Negative Outcomes from Hallucinations in Adults with Mental Illness”

Class of 2007

Kimberly Cauley, MD
Project Title: “High Self-Esteem as a Protective Factor against Engagement in Risky Behavior among Adolescent Females in an Atlanta Teen Clinic”