Learning Communities at MSM

A learning community is a group of individuals sharing common goals, values, and ideas that actively engage in learning with and from each other.

Mentoring at Morehouse, Morehouse School of Medicine’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), was selected to sustain students’ excellence and academic success through the development and implementation of a structured mentoring program. It is designed to maintain close student to student, and faculty to student relationships as MSM increases its class size. MSM implemented its QEP in the fall of 2011 with the goals: to train faculty mentors and to mentor all students through Learning Communities (LCs).

In student learning communities (MD, GEBS, MSPAS and MPH LCs), small groups of 4-15 students and faculty meet regularly to discuss topics relevant to program competencies like adjustment to school transitions, time management, and cultural sensitivity. These learning communities also strive to cultivate a supportive learning environment and strengthen faculty-student and student-student relationships.

Faculty learning communities address the teaching and mentoring needs of their peers as well as the facilitation skills to participate in learning communities. Faculty LCs at MSM are broken into specific groups to offer a more tailored approach to networking, career development, and lifelong learning.