Chief Resident's Spotlight

Olasupo Adedapo, M.D. I have had the good fortune of having many places to call home - from high school to undergraduate, graduate and medical school. The importance of having such a place became glaringly apparent during medical school. Medical training is a rigorous and consuming endeavor, with residency as the culmination of years of effort. I chose to continue my medical training at MSM Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences because it felt like home. I was sold from the pre-interview dinner, when it became evident that individual personalities and talents were nurtured and cherished. The co-residents, faculty and staff continue to foster a supportive and collaborative environment. I had the honor of being selected as Chief Resident with the goal to do my part in maintaining and further cultivating the positive aspects of the program I have enjoyed over the past three years. I am privileged to be working alongside amazing and uniquely talented people and genuinely look forward to didactic Wednesdays every week. I plan to remain in Atlanta after graduating residency to work as an Adult Psychiatrist and maintain my connection to MSM Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Residency Program.

Olasupo Adedapo, M.D.
PGY-IV, Chief Resident