Admissions Process

Application Submission

Applicants will submit formal applications and all supporting materials such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc., through the Central Application Service for the Physician Assistant (CASPA) on or before the program's published deadline. No exceptions will be made for late materials.  (See "How to Apply")

Program Review of Applications

The MSM Office of Admissions will screen applications submitted through the Central Application Service for the Physician Assistant (CASPA) for compliance with published program Prerequisite Coursework and Admissions Requirements. Applications are scored, and applicants are invited for interview upon the agreement of two separate reviewers who evaluate applications utilizing the program's defined Selection Criteria.

It is the responsibility of the MSM PA Program Admissions Director and faculty to determine prerequisite substitutions and to evaluate prerequisites in question (e.g. those with atypical names); however, in no cases will prerequisites be waived.   This process typically involves asking the candidate to provide a course description or syllabus to support their claim.  All prerequisites must be completed within the last 7 years. 

Applicants Selected for Campus Interviews are Notified

Applicants advancing in the admissions process will be invited to participate in an on-site campus (or potentially virtual due to Covid-19) interview consisting of a program orientation, modified multi-mini interviews, tour of the campus, lunch, a group collaborative project activity and a group Q&A session.

*Campus tours, lunch, and group projects may be removed from the day  if virtual interviews are necessary.

Class Selection and Notification

Following the interview, the Admissions Committee will cumulate scores, review and evaluate preference points, and interview evaluations to select students for the class. Acceptance and rejection letters are sent from the PA Program and/or Admissions office. Alternates are also notified in writing of their status.

Selection Criteria

Candidates for admission are considered holistically and are reviewed on the following selection factors and awarded preference points:

(Please note that admission to the PA Studies Program is competitive. Meeting the selection factors noted below does not guarantee an interview or admission.)

  • Academic background, including overall GPA. Basic science preparation at the upper division level is highly valued.
  • Quality and quantity of paid direct hands-on clinical patient care.
  • Letters of recommendation - it is recommended that at least one reference be obtained from a PA with whom you have worked with or shadowed. (Family members and friends are not a desirable source for recommendation letters).
  • Personal statement and response to narrative questions.
  • Demonstrated interest and experience in primary care, rural health and/or, underserved populations.
  • PA mentorship/shadowing experiences.
  • Community service hours.
  • If selected for an interview, assessment of motivation, interpersonal skills, ability to communicate, problem-solving ability and maturity.

The Program awards preference related to the Program's Mission to applicant's with the following attributes:

  • Residents of Georgia or applicants with Georgia Heritage.

Georgia Heritage is defined as 1) an applicant with one or both parents residing in Georgia at the time of application, 2) an applicant who graduated from high school in Georgia with at least two years at a high school in Georgia, or 3) an applicant who graduated from a Georgia institution of higher education with a bachelor's or advanced degree with at least two years of attendance at an institution of higher education in Georgia.