Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Alumni Spotlight 



“Matching at Morehouse for Ob/Gyn was one of the best things that has happened to me in my professional career. I was taught by great physicians how to not only be a competent and skilled Ob/Gyn but how to also be an empathetic and compassionate doctor.

Working at a facility like Grady, showed me the impact that a physician can have on a community. We provide excellent care to an underserved community that may not otherwise be able to receive care due to lack of insurance.”

Fyama Wenner, MD, FACOG -  Class of 2009
Perinatologist (Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist)


“MSM was my #1 choice for OBGYN residency. I chose this program because the mission aligned with my career goals and I felt that it would be the best program to prepare me to return to rural Georgia to practice as a generalist.I learned so much during my time at MSM and I’ve seen a lot. I’ve also became more compassionate, learned the importance of respecting the nurses and other medical staff and I also learned how to lead. But the best thing about MSM is that I was trained by people who look like me and I never felt out of place or judged. And now that I’m an attending, the voices of my MSM Attendings echo in my head as I’m treating patients. I knew that I was lucky to train at MSM but I did not realize just how lucky I was until I started to practice on my own.”

De’smond Henry, MD - Class of 2020
OBGYN Generalist