Early Decision

This is an optional program for the applicant whose first-choice school of medicine is MSM and who desires an admission decision based on his/her application no later than October 1st. To receive this special consideration the applicant must: 

  1. Apply only to MMS prior to receiving its admission decision
  2. Reside in the state of Georgia
  3. Present an academic program of a minimum of 90 semester/135 quarter hours that indicates completion, or plans for completion, of all courses required for admission
  4. Have a superior academic record and correspondingly strong scores on the MCAT
  5. Submit all required credentials to AMCAS by August 1
  6. If invited, appear for a personal interview on a mutually convenient date prior to October 1
  7. Accept a position in the class, if offered one. The AMCAS Application for Admission contains complete instructions regarding Early Decision program.