Clinical Skills Center


The Clinical Skills Center (CSC), located in the Louis W. Sullivan National Center for Primary Care of MSM, is designed for demonstrating, teaching, learning and practicing a variety of clinical skills for medical students. Our six procedure rooms and six examination rooms are set up similar to rooms for outpatient clinical evaluation with examination tables and instruments. Exam rooms are different from clinic rooms in that they are equipped with hidden video cameras and intercom systems to monitor the students' assessment of standardized patients. Each room has two cameras that monitor and record activities from an external room for later review.

The master control monitoring station is equipped with 12 monitors for faculty to view and evaluate student encounters in each exam room. A central monitor views all the exam rooms simultaneously and may also be converted to LCD screen for didactic presentations. CSC is useful for beginning as well as advanced trainees, and it is suitable for experienced physicians and health-care providers to learn new skills.


  • AV equipment
  • Standardized Patient recruitment, training and scheduling
  • Patient case scenario development
  • Statistical evaluation and grading tools


Janice Hall, Ph.D.
Director & Patient Trainer

Phone: (404) 752-1145

Veronica Shaw

Phone: (404) 752-1753
Fax: (404) 756-6708


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