About Alumni Learning Community                                       

The Alumni Learning Community (ALC), an extension of Morehouse School of Medicine’s (MSM) pipeline initiatives, enables MSM alumni to engage Georgia students of all academic levels (particularly those in areas underrepresented in medicine and biomedical and population sciences) in educational outreach activities, mentoring them on STEAM awareness and the pursuit of careers in the health professions and biomedical research

The Alumni Learning Community (ALC) is a pipeline initiative that assists MSM alumni in engaging students who are underrepresented in medicine, underrepresented in the biomedical sciences and students who are from underserved communities in outreach activities that are designed to assist them as they work to pursue careers in health professions and biomedical research. Alumni in the ALCs serve as mentors for their learning communities, motivating them to continue on a path of academic excellence. Mentors also advise students throughout various application processes and help students to successfully matriculate through college while inspiring a passion of service to the underserved.

The ALC activities include interactive educational sessions using anatomic models, MCAT preparation, SAT/ACT preparation, test taking skills and health care awareness activities that include advising and shadowing.  The MSM ALC partners with K-12 schools and both colleges and universities located in the pilot cities of Albany, Macon, Columbus and Atlanta, Georgia. The ALC also partners with regional Area Health Education Centers (AHECs). Staying consistent with MSM’s strong ethic of service, the ALC also works with disadvantaged communities to promote healthy lifestyles through education in an effort to reverse the increasing health disparities these communities experience.


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Dr. Rita Finley
Assistant Dean
Office for Educational Outreach and Heath Careers
(404) 752-1614

Ms. Ashley Patterson
Program Coordinator, M.S. in Medical Sciences
(404) 752-8656

Ms. Leslie Boston
Administrative Assistant III, M.S. in Medical Sciences