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MSM Teams with Georgia Tech to Offer MD/MBA Program

MD/MBA Program

Being a great physician isn’t just about understanding medicine and patient care—these days, it’s increasingly important to be a great businessperson, too. That’s why Morehouse School of Medicine has partnered with Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business to offer a groundbreaking combined MD/MBA degree program that gives students the unique opportunity to complete their medical AND business degrees in a span of five years.

Under this partnership, MSM MD students can complete their MBA in one year, while enrolled in the MD program, and without interrupting their career later. The program allows students to count 15 credit hours toward their MBA elective requirements, reducing the cost and time required to complete the MBA degree.

Why Pursue an MD/MBA Degree

  • Develop business acumen, strategic thinking, and communication skills to progress in leadership roles at healthcare companies, insurance companies, and government organizations.
  • Acquisition of skills and knowledge to manage a future medical practice as a business and to become a more effective medical practitioner.
  • Preparation to effectively participate in healthcare-focused entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Transfer MD credit hours and reduce time required to complete an MBA degree.


Students enrolled and in good standing in the Morehouse School of Medicine MD program are eligible to apply to Scheller College. Students admitted into the Morehouse School of Medicine MD program can apply at any time prior to the end of their third year. Morehouse School of Medicine students must apply to and be accepted by the Scheller College MBA Admissions Office.

Program Structure

MD/MBA students take 39 credit hours at Georgia Tech Scheller and transfer 15 credits of specific courses from the Morehouse School of Medicine MD program to complete the 54-credit-hour MBA curriculum at Georgia Tech Scheller. With a higher course load per semester than those who pursue a single degree, students can complete both the MD and the MBA degrees in five years.

During the first three years, students will take MD courses at Morehouse School of Medicine. During the fourth year, students will take 39 credit hours of MBA courses at Scheller College of Business. During their fifth year, students will primarily take courses at Morehouse School of Medicine and may take a few courses at Scheller to complete the MBA requirements.



Credits Earned at Scheller

Sequence of MD/MBA Courses and Credits Earned at Scheller

Years 1-3

MD program courses only at Morehouse School of Medicine


Year 4
Fall semester

MBA core courses
MGT 6510 Leadership Development (evening section)


Year 4
Spring semester

MBA core courses
MBA electives


Year 4, Summer semester

MBA electives (evening sections)


Year 5

MD program courses at Morehouse School of Medicine and option to complete MBA requirements at Scheller if needed



39 Credits

Application & Admissions

Morehouse School of Medicine students must apply to and be accepted by the Scheller College MBA Admissions Office. The application deadline is Dec. 1 of the year prior to starting the MBA.

MD students can apply by any of the full-time MBA deadlines; however, by applying in round one or round two, applicants maximize their chances for consideration of merit-based scholarships.

Admission to the MBA program is competitive and will depend on academic background, career goals, fit with the MBA program, test scores, application essays, and leadership potential. View Georgia Tech full-time MBA class profile and admission statistics for the current class. In addition to submitting the standard online MBA application, the MBA admission process will include an in-person interview. MD students may submit MCAT scores (in lieu of GMAT/GRE scores) for admission.

MSM MD students who wish to pursue a healthcare management career or engage in bio-technology focused entrepreneurial activities, in addition to the practice of medicine, are well-suited for the MD/MBA.

Full-time MBA application requirements and deadlines

Tuition & Finance


MD/MBA students will be enrolled at Georgia Tech during their fourth year and will pay the applicable full-time MBA tuition and fees to Georgia Tech for that academic year.

The cost includes 12+ credit hours per semester for the academic year. The academic year includes fall and spring semesters. During the summer semester, students will pay the full-time MBA per credit hour rate for the remaining six credits. For reference, the full-time MBA Georgia resident tuition for Summer 2017 was $1,204 per credit hour. 

During the fifth year, if students are enrolled at Georgia Tech to complete the MBA requirements, tuition and mandatory fees will be assessed by Georgia Tech based on the number of credits taken at Georgia Tech at the applicable current full-time MBA per-credit-hour rate. 

Please note that the tuition and fees are subject to change after any academic term. Check the full-time MBA Tuition and Financing web page for the academic year you plan to enroll in the MBA program. 

During the first three years of the MD program, students will be enrolled at Morehouse School of Medicine and will not be enrolled at Georgia Tech.


Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business offers a variety of funding opportunities for the MBA program. Submitting the official MBA application by the full-time MBA round one or round two deadline, applicants maximize their chances for consideration of merit-based scholarships.

Full-time MBA tuition and financing

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To learn more about the MD/MBA program , or if you have any questions, email us or call 404.752.1881.