Referral Listing

Referral is the process of sending a patient to another practitioner (ex. Specialist) for a health care service that the referring source believes is necessary but is not prepared or qualified to provide.

When appropriate, Student/ Employee Health Services Providers may refer you to a specialist if necessary for your care.

For most, but not all, HMO plans, you’ll need a referral from your primary care provider before you can see any other health care professional (except in an emergency). If your plan requires a referral and you don’t get one first, your insurance won’t cover the cost to see the specialist.

Most insurance plans require that you see a specialist within the network; if you go outside your network, you may be responsible for the bill.

It is important that you verify your coverage prior to selecting your sub-specialist. Student /Employee Health Services will provide you with recommendations for referrals.




GI: Gastroenterology

ENT: Ear Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology)

  • Dr. James K. Fortson
    ENT Associates of South Atlanta
  • Dr. Herbert C. Jones
    Jones Otolaryngology Group PC




  • Dr. Edith M. Fresh: Psychologist & Dr. Cornelius C. Grimes: Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist
    Edith M Fresh & Associates


  • Dr. Annamarie S. Paulsen
    Rockdale Psychiatric & Associates




Sports Medicine

  • Dr. Lawrence Powell
    Concentra Urgent Care and Occupational Medical Center at Atlanta Airport North