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SHWC Confidentiality Policy

SHWC takes the matter of confidentiality seriously. All visits for medical or behavioral health services are kept confidential and the nature or details of visits will not be disclosed to family, friends, faculty or anyone else without the expressed consent of the patient, unless in a life-threatening situation in which the patient is unable to independently inform others.  Please note that parental notification and consent will be obtained for patients under 18 years of age, except in the case of categories of confidential health care services that fall within a minor’s right in Georgia.

SHWC Patient Rights & Responsibilities

At SHWC, patients are treated with kindness, dignity, and privacy. Patients reserve the right to approve or refuse the release of their records, except if required by law or in a life-threatening situation. To receive the best possible care, patients must be honest and open regarding their concerns, willing to cooperate with providers and be active participants in their care plan. Patients have a right to choose to see a different provider or request a referral for a second opinion from a provider outside of SHWC. See the complete list of Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Privacy Policy

Notice of Privacy Practices


MSM Policy regarding Non-Involvement of Providers of Student Health Services in Student Assessment/Location of Student Health Records

Faculty and staff involved in providing personal health services to students through counseling services are not involved in the grading, academic assessment, or promotions decisions on students. Currently, MSM students seeking mental health services may contact Morehouse School of Medicine Counseling Services led by Dr. Garrison or the Behavioral Health team at our clinic. 

The Student Health and Wellness Center’s records are maintained in accordance with legal requirements for security, privacy, confidentiality, and accessibility.