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Services and Costs

  • How much does it cost to be seen at the Student Health and Wellness Center?

    Students pay for medical and behavioral health visits offered at the SHWC through the student health fee portion of their tuition. However, some services that may be included in the visit, such as laboratory services, radiology, immunizations, certain procedures, and some medications are billed to the students’ insurance.  We do offer some medications for free through our in-house dispensary including many antibiotics and over-the-counter cold and flu medicines.

    Though we do not charge for clinic visits, it is important that students have health insurance to cover services that are not covered by the student health fee (e.g., laboratory services, radiology services, immunizations, etc.).

  • What services do you offer?

    Health care visits for acute illnesses and injuries, immunizations, STI testing, women’s health (including IUDs and Nexplanon placement,) health education, primary healthcare, mental health visits (with psychiatrists and psychologists), and allergy injections.

  • Can the AUCC Student Health and Wellness Center act as my Primary Care Provider?
  • What do I do if I have billing-related issues?

    Questions about billing should be directed to our billing department.  Most bills received by students are from LabCorp.  Please contact LabCorp with questions about these bills.