MSM Immunization Requirements

Deadlines to Upload by Program

  • MD - May 26th
  • PA - May 1st
  • MSMS 1 Year Accelerated Track - May 1st
  • MSMS 2-Year Track - July 7th
  • MPH - July 7th
  • GEBS - July 7th


MSM Clinical Students

MSM Non-Clinical Students

PA Students

Program Requirements

The following is a list of all requirements according to Program Enrollment that must be completed before matriculation at Morehouse School of Medicine.

Requirements Based on Program
MMR Vaccine or Titer X X X X X X
(within the last 10 years)
Varicella Vaccine or Positive Titer 1*
Hepatitis B Vaccine X X X X X X
Hepatitis B Quantitative Titer X X X     X
Influenza (annually) X X X X X X
Tuberculosis Screener
      X X  
IGRA Blood Test
(QuantiFERON Gold within 6 months of matriculation)
X X X     X
Meningococcal Vaccine ACWY 3* X X X X X X
Updated COVID-19 Vaccine 5* X X X X X X
N95 Fit Test 4*
X X X     X

1*History of Chickenpox is not acceptable.  Documentation of 2 vaccines or a varicella blood titer is required.
2*PPD, IGRA Blood Test or Chest X-ray may be required based on results of Tuberculosis Screener.
3* Meningococcal Vaccine ACWY 1 dose administered on or after 16th birthday required for students 21 years of age or younger.
4* N95 Fit Testing does not need to be completed prior to arrival. Testing is done by SHWC staff.
5* Requirement satisfied by either the bivalent COVID 19 vaccine, 1 dose of the updated Pfizer vaccine, 1 dose of the updated Moderna vaccine, or 2 doses of Novavax vaccine are required for approval.  Any vaccines given before 8/31/22 will not meet the requirement. 


A medical exemption shall be granted upon receipt of a written statement from a healthcare provider indicating the nature and duration of the medical condition which contraindicates the immunization, along with the specific vaccine identified as detrimental to the student’s health. Medical exemptions expire when the medical condition(s) contraindicating immunization change in a manner which permits immunization, or they may be permanent:

  1. Exemptions are granted on the grounds of pregnancy. An estimated confinement must be provided. Submission of immunization(s) is required once pregnancy ends.

  2. Religious exemptions are permitted when immunizations contradict the student’s religious belief. However, a TB skin test is required, unless medically contraindicated. Religious exemptions require a notary.

In the event of an outbreak of any of the vaccine preventable diseases required by Morehouse College, students with exemptions will be required to leave campus immediately for their protection, until the outbreak has ended. 

If you have questions regarding compliance requirements, please reach out to our office.  Please allow up to 10 business days for review of submitted exemption requests.  You will receive feedback via a message in the Point and Click Portal.

Where do I upload my documents?

Students enrolled in a clinical program (MD, PA, MSMS, and APEX) must upload documents to both Point and Click Student Portal and ACEMAPP.

Students enrolled in a non-clinical (MPH and GEBS) program must upload documents to the Point and Click Student Portal only.

For more information about the Point and Click Student Portal visit the Patient Portal Tab.

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