Patient Billing and Health Insurance

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Students pay for medical and behavioral health visits offered at the SHWC through the student health fee portion of their tuition. However, some services that may be included in the visit, such as laboratory services, immunizations, certain procedures, and some medications are billed to the students’ insurance.  We do offer some medications for free through our in-house dispensary including many antibiotics and over-the-counter cold and flu medicines.

Though we do not charge for clinic visits, it is important that students have health insurance to cover services that are not covered by the student health fee (e.g., laboratory services, radiology services, immunizations, etc.). 

Many out-of-state insurances are not accepted in Georgia or have very limited coverage and students who “opt out” of the school insurance may end up with a dilemma of receiving a large bill for services rendered.  It is the responsibility of the student to check with their insurance provider to see if they are covered at our clinic.  The insurance coverage needs to include a “point of service plan for out of state.”  Out-of-state Medicaid is not accepted in Georgia.

Morehouse College, CAU and Spelman’s health insurance plans are administered through United Healthcare (UHC).  If you or your parents sign up for this insurance, it is important that you log into the UHC website to obtain your subscriber number and ID.  Paper insurance cards may not be provided automatically by UHC, and you will need this information to register at the SHWC.  If you opted out and have other insurance, make sure to have your insurance card or insurance information readily available at all times.

Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) offers Anthem Blue-Cross/Blue Shield insurance for its students.  Again, make sure you are able to access your insurance card or at least the subscriber number and ID as soon as possible after signing up.

Please enter your insurance information into the Point and Click Portal prior to your first appointment under the “Insurance Details” tab.

Mandatory Health Fee

Subsidizes the cost of medical supplies, N95 mask fit testing, PPD placement, public health surveillance, wellness services programs and the availability of an on-call PCP or mental health provider when the office is closed.

Morehouse School of Medicine Student Insurance Plan (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Coverage includes preventive and annual gynecological visits, visits with our mental health providers, referrals to specialists (copay required), hospitalizations, surgical procedures, diagnostic tests and imaging studies. Coverage depends on the specific insurance plan. Students who do not have the MSM Insurance Plan are encouraged to contact their insurance carrier to verify their coverage details prior to receiving services at SHWC.

Questions about billing should be directed to our billing department.

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