Morehouse School of Medicine Wellness Center at Lee St Building

Student Health and Wellness Center

Empower. Believe. Become.

Mission Statement

The Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) provides quality health care services to students of the Atlanta University Consortium Center. We are privileged to provide a variety of health and wellness-related services for our students, emphasizing a holistic approach to encourage growth physically, mentally, emotionally, academically, and socially. SHWC’s goal is to inspire students to empower themselves by being proactive in their health and wellbeing, to encourage students to believe in their capabilities academically and personally and to support them as they become all that they desire to be.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

SHWC values and respects the diversity of our student body. We do not discriminate on any basis, including but not limited to differences in age, race, religion, gender, disability, sexuality or sexual orientation. As medical and behavioral health care providers, our priority is providing each student with quality and comprehensive care in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. Likewise, we expect our patients to treat one another and staff with respect and dignity.  SHWC is committed to advancing health equity for our student patient population and recognizes the importance of equity in the access to and provision of quality health care.